Website Development

At Aksoft, we create functional, visually appealing websites that help you reach your specific business goals, such as lead generation, increased sales, and improved customer 
Communication. We’ll work with you to optimize the design, structure, and content of 
Your site to boost site traffic and convert more of that traffic into new business

A web site of your company is not only an online profile of your business. It’s an Image. It’s an image projected around the globe. Thus your website needs a reflection of what you desire to portray to the world. This is more of a highly refined digital art form with all the technical specification fitting perfectly into right places. The implementation of a website is a process that takes countless hours of digital artists, code experts, programmers, and database wizards to create a perfect Web-Representation of your company.

We have undertaken web development for many different types of businesses with different requirements.
Static web sites - normally giving the client a web site showing what they are selling or offering with a facility for people to contact them by email and or by completion of a form
Dynamic web sites - offering our Clients a web site which is connected to a database which could, for example, hold Client or Member details, enabling promotional material, offers or newsletters to be sent to their clientele.
Our web design services are cost effective and truly offer you the chance to become established on the Internet.

We strongly advise our Clients to think carefully about have what is termed a "Corporate identity". What is meant by this term is having a consistent presentation to your clients. Your headed paper, business cards, printed material, vehicle painting and your web site should all have a consistent theme. By doing so, over time, people start to relate to your own "color scheme"